How to create 5 Facebook posts in 10 minutes

Would you like to create content for social networks faster? In this article I want to show you how to create Facebook posts in record time using the power of AI so that you can work more efficiently and have more free time.

The job of Community Manager or Social Media Manager is very sacrificing, right? You have to constantly be generating fresh content that attracts attention, entertains and increases engagement

And that is not always easy, because it’s a creative activity and you can’t always be inspired. So, what if we look for help for those moments when you find yourself blocked or ideas do not come to you so easily?

That help is called Kontematik, an app that uses the power of AI so that you can once again enjoy creating content for Facebook (or the social network of your preference) without the hassle of having to be creative 100% of the time.

The AI ​​that helps community managers and social media managers create content faster 

First of all, a warning, AI is not a substitute technology for human creative work. 

In a previous article, in which I talked about "How to write a blog post 10 times faster", I explained what Luddite fallacies are and why they don’t make sense. (Take a look and you'll see that technology actually creates higher-paying, skilled jobs, and the only thing it cuts down is monotonous and repetitive tasks!)

It's true, an AI like the one Kontematik uses is a change in the way CMs work. It is a paradigm shift in which you go from being alone to being accompanied by an assistant who makes your life easier.

So, let's see how to create 5 Facebook posts in just 5 minutes:

Let’s say one of your clients is a yoga studio and you need to create content for their audience ...

Enter Kontematik (you can create a free trial account to see how it works) and go to the “Social Networks” section, where you’ll find the “Facebook Captions” tool.

Then enter the topic you want to talk about. For example: "How to start practicing yoga even if you don't have experience?"

And it offered me 10 different results, of which I have chosen number 6 because it’s the one I like the most:

“Video tutorials are the best way to learn to practice yoga, step by step. Since it is from its practiced on a daily basis and since there are no shortcuts when it comes to yoga, make sure to dedicate yourself fully to the technique. From the correct breathing, to the alignment of the poses, to the order in which you execute them, you have to make sure everything is done properly."

Then, I have gone to YouTube and I have looked for my favorite yoga teacher, I have chosen a video to illustrate the post: Yoga por la mañana (15 minutos) and I have added this phrase to give it my personal touch: "Check it out to start now practicing yoga with this video" .

BOOM. We already have the first post in less than 2 minutes. 

Let's go with the second one?

Repeat the action and introduce a second topic you want to create content about, for example, yoga during pregnancy.

I introduce a sentence like this: "Can I practice yoga while pregnant?"

And I choose the result that I like the most:

 “Yes, it is very safe, always under medical supervision and with absolute attention to the physical condition and existing medical conditions of the client. Yoga has many benefits such as reducing stress, increase blood flow and more. We offer Prenatal Yoga Classes for preparing Moms to childbirth ”. And we directly add a link to our website so that our followers see the available options.”

Let’s continue with the third post:

Now I want to create a post in which I talk about the differences between yoga and Pilates so I introduce this in Kontematik: “What's better yoga or pilates?

And I choose this result: 

“Yoga is known to be a spiritual practice, while Pilates is known as a physical practice. 

Yoga and Pilates are also based on the same concept of physical and mental harmony. As a matter of fact, they are very different, but it is also true that they complement each other very well.”


It took exactly 30 seconds. But remember, you can always add more information to give it your personal touch.

Fourth post: "3 benefits of yoga"


I write this sentence and it automatically gives me several results from which I choose this one:

“The practice of the exercises is designed to work the body, and protect it from disease and disability. According to the Yoga Journal, these benefits are:

- Improves physical health

- Improves emotional health

- Improves overall quality of life

So ... are you going to do it or not? Our health is our greatest treasure ”.

Pro tip →  Did I mention you can save all the results in your library? You just have to click on the "bookmark" icon and use them later. Interesting, right? Well, this is what Kontematik is for, to help you create more quality content in less time.

And the last post: "Common mistakes when practicing pilates".

I choose this:

“Common mistakes when practicing pilates: Over-exercise, not breathing properly, not lubricating your joints, and not taking into account individual needs. Another common mistake is getting into an advanced position that the body is unable to maintain, either because you're unstable or your body lacks the necessary flexibility. Bad technique can cause injury, especially if you're a beginner ”.

Bottom line: 5 posts in less than 10 minutes so I have created the content that I want to publish for my audience during this week. 😀

Do you want to see a video tutorial of how to do it yourself? Here you have another example for Instagram:

How to make a post with AI for Instagram

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