How to write a blog post 10 times faster?

Would you like to write blog posts 10 times faster without compromising quality? In this article I will show you how to reduce the time you spend searching for interesting topics, creating a table of contents and writing with the power of AI.

Copywriters spend a lot of time choosing interesting topics to share with their community, developing a script with the points to discuss, researching in different media and, of course, writing.

Bottom line: it takes 3-4 hours to write an article.

Not to mention the edition, the layout on a CMS using HTML tags, the SEO optimization and so on...

So, the entire process will take up to 5 or even 6 hours. 

Overwhelming, right?

But wait! Because there is still more to come... 

What if you have to write 3, 5 or even 10 posts a week for several clients? 

But the question is, can we break this vicious cycle?

If you had asked me 2 years ago, I would have said no, because there was no digital tool powerful enough to carry it out. But now we have artificial intelligence.

A paradigm shift for copywriters: from writing alone to having an AI as an assistant

Before you freak out: NO, AI is not going to take away your job. 

Many professionals feel threatened by new technologies and it is normal, because every time a new technological advance appears we tend to blame everything on the machines. 

It's what we know as “Rage Against the Machine” and no, I don't mean the incredible rock band from L.A. (I can see you jumping and singing “Killing in the name of” 🤘).

Rage Against The Machine - Killing In the Name (Official Music Video)

I mean the other entry you can find in Wikipedia or in this article about the Luddites.

Long story short, the fact is the Luddites were workers who in 19th century England started a movement to destroy machines such as looms because they were “taking their jobs”. 

As you can imagine, they achieved absolutely nothing (in the sense of ending that technology), except being angry and, yes, improving their salaries. Technology is unstoppable and once you know how to perform a more efficient process there is no turning back.

The one who adopts the new technology first, wins

On the other hand, there is Kodak in the early 2000s, one of recent cases of a company that refused to innovate. They wanted to continue developing their photos with the traditional formula and did not see the potential of digital photography coming, so they ended up in bankruptcy.

Kodak did not see the potential of digital photography, but other companies such as Sony or Olympus did join the change... and made a lot of money.

Now, we are facing another disruptive technology that will change the way of writing forever, especially for copywriters. So I ask you: 

I don’t know you but I have no doubts who I want to be... 

Anyway, here you have more information about the Luddite fallacies which says that what technology actually does is create highly qualified work.

How to use an AI to write faster

At the beginning of this post I introduce the idea of writing a blog post 10 times faster. But I wasn't merely using a persuasive formula, it is actually the time you can save when writing a blog post.

In fact, we previously agreed that writing a post can take 3-4 hours, right?

This makes 240 minutes and if we divide it by 10 it would be 24 minutes. 

In other words, can we write a good post in 24 minutes? It can be done with an AI.

If you use Kontematik you have 3 tools (and more to come) at your disposal in the Blog section:

Blog Ideas are suggestions for blog articles. You just have to enter some keywords about your business and it will give you several options. 

I just did a test with "Pet care" and I got 20 ideas for posts in just 5 seconds. 

Why pet care? Because I love dogs. They are adorable, don't you think? 😍

So, I already have an idea that I like: “Best food for your dog”.

Note: Actually, you can save a few more ideas for articles in the future and if you still don't like any (which I doubt), you can always get more by clicking the generate text button. 

See here a practical video example of how it works → How to create an article with AI Kontematik

Let's go to step 2: Pillar Page

I have the subject of my article but I need a table of contents optimized for SEO, that is, the structure of pillar page + subtopics and that's where Kontematik comes in.

So, I go to the Pillar Page section and enter the title of the article: "Best food for your dog" and Kontematik generates several results:

Perfect. Now I have a structure for my blog post in another minute and 21 left to finish it.

So, I finally go to “Blog Intro” and type the title of the post to ask Kontematik for an introduction. 

Then, I pick one paragraph that I like and add some words to give it my personal touch:

Dogs are very sensitive animals and they need special care. We can't just buy the cheapest food and assume that it's going to be good for our dog's health. The truth is that dogs need special attention when it comes to food and you have to pay a lot of attention to the ingredients in order to make sure that your dog is healthy.

So, in this article I will show you how to feed your dog with the most delicious and healthy food in the market… (Yes, I wrote this 😃).

2 more minutes and we have the intro.


We still have 19 minutes left, and I do the same with the 3 subtopics and manage to generate 3 more introductions for each one.

I only have 15 minutes left, but I have 400 words of content that can change however I want. 

It may take more or less depending on my knowledge of the subject (in this case I would probably do it quite quickly because I know it well). But, even if I don’t know the subject, isn't it better to start from an idea that allows me to write faster?

Well, that's what artificial intelligences like Kontematik have come for, to help us create better and faster content. 

Do you want to give it a try?

Try now Kontematik>

PS 1. This article has not been written by an AI (except for the examples on how Kontematik works). Why? Because I wanted to tell you my experience working with this technology. 

PD 2. Something that I have learned is that you have freedom of choice. Sometimes you may want to write a blog post by yourself with a little help from AI. But others, when dealing with difficult topics, suffering from the writers' block or when you don’t have any time, you can make a more intensive use of the AI. It depends on you.

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