Write 10 ecommerce product descriptions in 5 minutes

As an SEO Marketer you will have needed to help your clients (or yourself) to write many product descriptions for an e-commerce. Can you imagine being able to write them in less time by using the power of AI?

Writing product descriptions is not an easy task because even if you have enough information on the packaging, it is necessary to rework the texts to avoid Google penalizing when duplicating content and, thereby, be able to rank higher than your competitors.

In fact, the task becomes almost unmanageable when you have to write 10, 100 or even 1,000 product descriptions for an e-commerce. So, today, we are going to do a challenge: write 10 product descriptions in less than 5 minutes with Kontematik.

Kontematik: the power of AI to help SEO professionals to rank their projects quickly

AI has come to make life easier for SEO professionals and, in general, for all those who create content on the Internet, such as copywriters or social media managers, among many others.

This does not mean that it will replace human creative work, as we have discussed in other articles. But it does mean that the way of working will change forever and if it was mandatory to spend hours writing texts, now you can make a choice: 

  1. Write your own texts without the help of an AI: on those occasions when you want to express your own opinion or have enough time to do so.
  2. Write texts with the help of an AI: when you have to write large volumes of content and your time is very scarce or you need very fast results.

You decide according to the moment, they are not exclusive options.

Today, as our task consists of creating a lot of “neutral” content, that is, product descriptions in which it’s not essential to have an opinion or a characteristic voice on this matter, we are going to use Kontematik, an app that allows you to create content in less time thanks to AI.

How to create product descriptions in record time

The first thing you have to do is access Kontematik (you can do it for free to try it out). Once you are inside, in the side menu you will find different tools that you can use to create content depending on your needs.

In this case, I will choose the "Product Descriptions" tool in the "E-commerce" section. 

I click and type the name of an invented shoe brand “Shus” (to do a test) and a short sentence to give the AI ​​a little bit of context.

I get 10 results in just 3 seconds and I choose this:

“Shus is an online store to buy suede shoes. It offers a full range of colors, in different sizes, for men, women and children. It allows you to create your own preferences or choose from the most popular. "

Now I do the test with another invented brand of laptops, “Balten” and I choose this other description that I like: 

“Balten are high quality laptops that are durable, portable and functional. Its design enables you to focus on your work, by having all the latest hardware within an elegant design ”.

Quick, right?

For now I want to give you another option that SEO Marketers using black hat techniques will love 😈.

I go to Amazon.com and look for a product to sell in our online store, either directly or through dropshipping. 

I choose a product at random, for example, a Logitech wireless mouse and I copy the description that I find.

Now, I go back to Kontematik and paste description of Amazon.


We go from this → "Advanced Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse for super-fast response time and faster than wired performance". 

To this → “Professional wireless gaming mouse that is equipped with Lightspeed wireless technology that delivers a super-fast response time and allows for faster movements than a wired mouse. It also features 6 programmable buttons and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and most operating systems ”.

Now, I have a longer description, which is better for SEO, and more information that is very interesting for clients. 

Wow! This is the power of AI.

Pro tip → You can combine AI with your favorite SEO tools like Semrush, AHREFS or whatever relevant keywords you want to add. Moreover, you can also give it your personal touch by adding or modifying the text as you want. 

The fact is: you can generate as much content as you need in record time ... As much as 10 descriptions in 5 minutes and probably many more as you become more familiar with this way of working. 

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